There's Nothing Like a Comforting Bear Hug

There's Nothing Like a Comforting Bear Hug

Purchase an 18" or a 22" teddy bear from Ray of Hope

Since their invention in 1902, teddy bears have been comforting kids after nightmares, terrifying storms and the loss of loved ones. Since 2013, Ray of Hope has been making comforting teddy bears for homesick cancer patients and grieving family members.

These teddy bears are special because they're made from familiar clothing, like...

Your late child's favorite T-shirt
A deployed soldier's military sweatshirt
Patterned fabric that reminds you of a loved one

We use soft fabric for hero bears (for kids fighting cancer) and angel bears (for families who've lost a child to cancer), which we give away for free.

Each teddy bear comes with a personalized poem, and each cancer survivor bear comes with a pink ribbon. A portion of the proceeds go to cancer research or the Wounded Warrior Project.

Contact us today to order a teddy bear for yourself or a loved one.

Before you place your order...

Please note that it takes six to eight weeks to finish a teddy bear, which is why we stop taking Christmas orders on October 1. We charge a small fee for expedited orders and $15 for shipping, but local clients can pick up their orders or get their items delivered free of charge.

Be sure to send a check and an item of clothing after ordering your teddy bear. We'll return leftover fabric to you and won't cash your check until your bear is finished.

Any questions? Call 518-429-1285 now.