Wrap Yourself in a Ray of Hope Quilt

Wrap Yourself in a Ray of Hope Quilt

Our affordable quilts are one-of-a-kind keepsakes

If you've got old T-shirts taking up space in your closet, don't throw them out just yet. Ray of Hope can turn them into a beautiful quilt starting at just $75.

We can make customized quilts out of...

Sports jerseys
Race T-shirts
Scrap fabric

Your quilt could feature a simple heart or multiple T-shirt designs. Call 518-429-1285 now to discuss your preferences.

The perfect gift for a homesick college student

A few years ago, we made a quilt for parents who were sending their son to college. They came to us with 12 years' worth of baseball jerseys, which we turned into a memento that would remind their son of home.

If you'd like to turn your T-shirts or jerseys into a personalized quilt, contact Ray of Hope to place your order. Any unused clothes you send us will be returned with your finished quilt.

To save on shipping, which would be $15, pick up your quilt in Schenectady, NY or getting it delivered locally. Contact us now for details.